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Full Inspection

Covers inspection of the exterior, crawlspace, every room in the home, and the attic. Includes visual inspection, air particulate measurements, temperature and humidity measurements, TVOC and CO2 and Formaldehyde measurements, up to 15 tape samples, and infrared scanning. Please note that buildings not connected to the main home are not included in the inspection but can be added on for an additional fee per building.

Reports are furnished within 7 days. Expedite your results for a 72 hour turnaround for an additional $50.

Re-inspections  performed after recommended remediation work AND within a year of the initial inspection are offered for half price.

COST: $450 for up to 2,500 square feet. Add $50 for each additional 500 square feet increment.

Partial Inspection

Covers inspection of up to 4 rooms of your choosing. Please note that this service excludes the Exterior, Attic, and Crawl Space. You can add additional areas for an additional $100 each. Includes visual inspection, air particulate measurements, temperature and humidity measurements, TVOC and CO2 and Formaldehyde measurements, up to 8 tape samples, and infrared scanning.

Reports are furnished within 48 hours.

COST:  $225

Crawlspace or Attic Only Inspection

Covers inspection of the crawlspace only. Includes visual inspection, moisture meter readings, and up to 5 tape lift samples.

Reports are furnished within 48 hours.

COST: $175

Tape Lift Sample Analysis

Tape lift sampling is my personal favorite way to check for mold in a home. It consists of taking a piece of tape, sticking it to a surface that you suspect has mold growth, then examining it under a microscope on a slide with the proper dye.

Two options:

1. I take them:

You MUST know in advance where you would like the samples to be taken. Otherwise, you need an inspection. Covers collection and analysis of samples only.

Reports are furnished within 48 hours of taking the samples.

COST: Base charge of $50 plus $20 for each sample.


2. You take them:

Too far away? Don't want anyone in your house? Don't have time to schedule an inspection? No problem. Take samples yourself and send them to me to analyze. Check out the Resources tab for instructions on how samples should be taken and for the required order form.

Reports are furnished within 48 hours of receiving the samples in the lab.

COST: Base fee of $15 plus $10 per sample.

CLO2 Vapor Treatment

This is a highly effective and safe treatment that will completely sanitize any surface, reaching places that other treatments may not, including the inside of your HVAC ductwork. In addition to killing all biological contaminants (this includes mold, viruses, and bacteria!), this treatment can completely eliminate unwanted odors such as smoke and animal smells. My clients absolutely love this service and always are so pleased with how fresh and clean the air feels after this treatment. Please note that I prefer to do this service after a full inspection has uncovered and fixed any underlying conditions that are conducive to mold growth. If underlying conditions exist, the treatment will be effective, but issues can quickly arise again. Covers materials, application, and cleanup.

This treatment generally takes approximately 6 hours to complete. No people, animals, or plants can be inside the home while the treatment is happening. Since the treatment is a vapor, it leaves behind no residue so there is no cleanup involved except airing out the house.  Please note that there will be a lingering chlorine smell after the treatment that will dissipate within hours of additional airing out of the home.

COST: $200 per 500 square feet.

Air Sample Testing

Air sample testing is the industry standard when it comes to detecting mold in a home. A vacuum device pulls a precise amount of air through a hose which is connected to an air sample cassette. This cassette has a sealed trap that collects any particulate and contaminants in the air.  The samples are sent to a certified lab to be analyzed. There is a minimum of two samples required because there needs to be a sample taken outside the home as a baseline measurement to compare to inside measurements.

Reports are furnished as soon as the lab sends them back, usually within a few days.

COST: Air Samples are $75 each, with a 2 quantity minimum.

Add-On Services

These services can be ordered as stand alone services a-la-carte, or combined with other services that don't already include them.

Emergency Appointment

Can't wait? Schedule an emergency appointment outside of normal business hours, whether that be morning, night, or weekends.

COST: $100

Infrared Scanning

We use an infrared camera to check behind walls, ceilings, and floors to detect temperature differences that can indicate air or water leaks. This service can end up uncovering hard to find issues before much more damage is done. 

COST: $50

Air Quality Measurements

We use state of the art meters that measure the amount of debris and contaminants in the air, and the level of different gasses including Formaldehyde, Carbon Dioxide, and Volatile Organic Chemicals that can be released by mold. We also check the relative humidity of your home which can be a major condition conducive to mold growth.

COST: $50

Report Expedition

Can't wait? Get your inspection report back in half the time with this add-on.

COST: $50

Now offering payment plans! Split your costs into 4 easy payments!

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We frequently have specials running, just keep checking our Facebook and Instagram pages. We accept cash, check, or card. Payment due upon completion of the service. 

We are happy to service anywhere in South Carolina, however if you are outside the Columbia area, you may have to pay a small gas fee. Thanks in advance for understanding!

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