Are your home and family safe from the dangers of mold?

Is this hiding in your crawlspace?
What's inside your air ducts?

Many people don't know about the grave dangers of mold. You can have a mold problem in your house even if you can't see it or smell it. Mold can cause a variety of health concerns from breathing issues to psychological problems.


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Making Your Home a Safehaven

Here at The Great Indoors, we have a passion for helping others. We decided to start this company when we realized two things: 

1. Currently, mold testing standards in the industry are inefficient and not thorough enough.


2. Expensive mold remediation costs can be greatly reduced by mitigating situations that are conducive to mold growth.

We are not the remediation company. This allows us to offer an unbiased report of the state of your home. Often times some work can be handled by the homeowners, saving you thousands of dollars!

If you have noticed anything that looks or smells like mold, give me a call and let's talk about it! I NEVER charge a consultation fee!

We can come out and inspect your home using our state of the art equipment and provide you with a comprehensive plan to making your home a Safehaven!

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What People Are Saying

Lake Wylie, SC

“Jason was referred to us by a friend for mold inspection. During our inspection he was extremely knowledgeable, professional and thorough. His suggestions on how to maintain a clean, toxic-free environment were so helpful. I love knowing that our family is in a safe, mold-free environment.”

Cameron, SC

"Jason was absolutely attentive and knowledgeable on the phone to schedule the consult. Arrived promptly at the time discussed.  He was very pleasant and thorough with his inspection and spent a lot of time answering our questions and concerns. The inspection and attention to detail in every way especially on the report were top notch and you could tell he cared most about the health of our family.  The report was very detailed down to pictures and explanations of each type of mold found and how that mold specifically could harm your health. He even took pictures of areas around the house that needed repair to have better energy and air quality. His fee was very reasonable but his work was professional and high quality. In summary, Jason of The Great Indoors, LLC cared about our family specifically, took time for us, and did excellent work for a reasonable price."

Chapin, SC

I recently tested positive for mold so we needed a professional service to come out to test my home for mold. He not only did a thorough and detailed inspection to every corner of my home he left us with a to do list to rid my home of mold as well as any other micro biomes. He gave us clear answers to all of our questions. We are absolutely 100% satisfied with the services and we highly recommend them.

Columbia, SC

Definitely recommend this service to anyone concerned about mold and its effect on the air quality and safety of their home. Jason was professional, listened to our concerns, and shared his insights. The inspection was very thorough and the reports extremely detailed. I also appreciated the follow-up phone call explaining his findings. He was very reassuring that the mold issue could be taken care of and gave recommendations (verbally and written) on just how to do that both on our own and with professional help.

Columbia, SC

Jason is so knowledgeable and most importantly, KIND and super patient with my (many, many) questions. If you need a mold expert (who doesn't living in the humid south?), he is your guy. Can't recommend enough!

Irmo, SC

Amazing company! He was very knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and communication was exceptional! I highly recommend “The Great Indoors” for dealing with mold inspection.

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